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Welcome To SLBA

Welcome to the Home Page of the Sri Lanka Banks’ Association (Guarantee) Ltd (SLBA).

The SLBA represents the common interests of the banking sector within the regulatory framework that ensures stability of the monetary and financial system. We are the voice of banking in Sri Lanka.


Taxation Burden

Enthusiastically leverage existing premium quality vectors with enterprise-wide innovation collaboration. Phosfluorescently leverage others enterprise-wide “outside the box” thinking with e-businescollaboration and idea-sharing. Proactively leverage other …

Coro-normal 2021 and Future

To the extent that medicine alone cannot prevent lethal outbreaks of covid-19, the burden will also fall on behaviour, just as it has in most …

Rated Sri Lankan companies less exposed to sovereign than banks: Fitch

Fitch Ratings views most rated Sri Lankan corporates as less vulnerable than local financial institutions to the sovereign’s financial distress. This is because most rated …

Upadeshana – Credit Counselling Center

COVID-19 Impact Reliefs

Multiple policy interventions of the CBSL and support measures have been delivered through the banking sector; initially to help to Survive the crisis and then …

Financial Asset Quality Improvement (study)

Industry initiatives to develop a solution for NPL resolution via an Asset Management Company (AMC) is being researched by a task force from the capital …

Sri Lanka Banking Sector Facts and Figures


Number of Licensed Banks
Deposits (LKR Billion)
Loans and Advances (LKR Billion)
Total Taxes banks pay to Government(Revenue)

*Banks are grouped based on the asset size at 31 December 2020. Banks with an asset base of more than LKR500 billion have been classified as Large Banks. Banks with an asset base of between LKR200 billion and LKR500 billion have been classified as Medium Banks. Other banks have been classified as Small Banks. CBSL Financial System Stability Review 2020 / CBSL data.