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Representation on Commitees and Organisations

As the sole representative of the Banking Industry in Sri Lanka, the SLBA is represented in several important Committees and organizations.

  • Sri Lanka Export Development Board - Representative at regular meetings.
  • Lanka Clear (Pvt) Ltd - Two CEO’s from local Banks and one from a Foreign Bank to the Board.
  • Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre - Representation on the Board of Governors
  • Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka - Two Directors and two Alternate Directors to the Board of Governors
  • National Institute of Business Management - Representation on the Governing Board.
  • Sri Lanka Accounting and Auditing Standards Monitoring Board - Member

The Secretary General represents the Association at various Central Bank committees such as, the National Payment Council which is the regulatory body for Payment and Settlement Systems in Sri Lanka and the Financial Systems Stability Consultative Committee which consists of eminent persons, drawn primarily from the Private Sector, with experience and expertise in financial sector issues to provide views and advice to the Central Bank to assist in the formulation of policies on financial system stability. He also represents Banks on the Board of Directors of Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team (SLCERT) which acts as the focal point of cyber security for the nation, on the Board of Lanka Financial Services Bureau which is the local centre for transmission of SWIFT messages from and to its member institutions consisting of Banks, Primary Dealers and the Central Depository System and sits as an observer at all Board meetings of Lanka Clear (Pvt.)Ltd. ,the Cheque clearing arm of the Clearing Banks in Sri Lanka.


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